What can you do to keep your hair and scalp looking great?

Spring clean your scalp Spring clean your scalp If you’re suffering from dandruff, get a buzz cut once a year to keep your scalp fresh.

Stop touching your scalp STOP TOUCHING YOUR SCALP Your hands are full of pore clogging dirt and bacteria, the more you touch your hair, the oilier it gets. So remember to wash your hands thoroughly and avoid touching your hair and scalp every minute.

Match your haircut to your face Match your haircut to your face Make sure your hairdresser understands they need to match your haircut to your face, or find one that does, so your health dandruff-free hair will always look its best.

Too much styling can suffocate hair TOO MUCH STYLING CAN SUFFOCATE HAIR Excessive use of styling products can clog and irritate scalp, restricting nutrients to the hair. Go natural and avoid styling products when you can to let your hair and scalp breathe.